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Diamond Gusset Jean Co.

Since 1987, Diamond Gusset has been located in Bon Aqua, Tn, and all of their products have been American made. They offer a variety of jeans for men and women, belts, and other apparel. Diamond Gusset jeans are known for their trademarked gusseted construction, which incorporates a "diamond" in the crotch of the jean allowing for greater freedom of movement, comfort and strength. They also offer the 'Defender,' a motorcycle jean with bullet proof Kevlar lined in the denim. Multiple fallen bike riders have reported the 'Defender' jean protected their legs from road rash.

Mission "I tested out your defender jeans. Unfortunetly when a deer hit me on my bike they worked great till the nurse cut them off me, but the material worked great sliding across the pavement. Thanks for the great product!" -Randall Atkinson

"Knowing that an American Family will have a pay check this week, makes my Diamond Gusset Jeans a real good fit, that'll never wear thin."- Thomas O'Shea

Products Our jeans are made from cotton grown all over the Southeast United States, and our shirts are made "dirt to shirt" from Carolina cotton.

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