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In the beginning were American clothes. Workwear, Outdoor wear, Military wear, Motorcycle wear and Athletic wear... Those American clothes which were functionally-oriented and completely tough. The are, stated another way, the clothes that created the country of America over the vast uncultivated land. And in such American clothes, anonymous lives of men who formed America are engraved.

FREEWHEELERS is a clothing company formed to revive the "Clothes that Made America", which we sincerely love. However, we are not in fact revivers who merely replicate historical American clothes as they were. What want to recreate are the spirit and the craftsmanship fostered in the process of America becoming America and the atmosphere of the scenes in which the clothes played an important role.

Vintage wear is a precious source of inspiration in creation for FREEWHEELERS, but our purpose does not exist in candid tracing of their surfaces. For instance, the reason why we fully utilize the materials and specifications hard to create today is because it is a method to express the atmosphere of somewhere on a certain day in America which inevitably exudes from fragments of a documentary photography or footage.

FREEWHEELERS is not a fashion brand which finds its motif exclusively in a particular era, place or culture and follow the particular clothing style either. For example, the reason why we are strongly attracted to the literature group of vagabonds, <Beat>, is because we identify with the memories of wandering somewhere on an uncertain day, which inescapably ooze from the stark words they utter.

In the late 1940s, the Beat hit the road and left the bustle of New York. In search for freedom, they picked up random pieces of truth buried in daily lives and completely expressed them on their way to one place to another. Likewise, we, while roaming around time and space audaciously and freely as if controlling a time machine, excavate anonymous sparkles of America buried under the layers of history and fully express them through the factor of clothing.

What FREEWHEELERS seek after is a new value not found in existing clothes or, furthermore, in any vintage wear. In other words, it is the clothes making to release the same radiance now and in our daily lives as an outfit created for a particular purpose gave off when it was placed in a scene for its best brilliance. For this, we travel through the stories of the "Clothes that made America".

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