The first jeans labeled “JONEAA” came to the world in 1998, quickly becoming a favorite of worldwide youngsters. Some ten years after that, Joneaa has made its jeans wear deeply attractive to consumers of various age groups, winning high recognition for its outstanding quality and fashion design. The trend of vogue and individulism initiated by Joneaa spreads across the world to places like Japan (Fashion Outpost in Asia), Italy (Fashion Palace in Europe), India and other Asian nations.

Joneaa’s first flagship store opened in Tokyo in 1999 which was reported by Japanese magazine Vogue afterward. In March 2008, Joneaa established a brand image store in Seoul, South Korea and another one in Italy the same year. Joneaa’s market network has covered over 20 countries and regions worldwide. The birth and growing of Joneaa tells you a long story aw well as cowboy’s philosophy—independence and innovation.

Joneaa jeans demonstrate a spirit of commitment, research and discovery, under which Joneaa keeps to create new definitions for jeans wear and provide consumers with jeans products of distinctive design. Taking a new outlook into its prospect, Joneaa firmly believe another innovation height is waiting for it in the near future.

text and images taken from the brand‘s website


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